Hi, I'm Haley.

I stumbled into the world of digital fabrication while obtaining my graduate degree in architecture at the University of Utah. There, I was introduced to my first laser cutter - and fell in love. I completed my schooling at a time when jobs in the architecture profession were scarce, so I made the leap and began selling my laser cut designs online. I soon purchased my own machine and the rest is history. I've recently added a 3D printer to my arsenal and will continue to create unique products you will find nowhere else. I take pride in belonging to the uprising trend of makers in the U.S. who are interested in developing quality, handmade items. 

FabParlor is inspired by the classics but realized through modern, cutting edge technology. My products often have a unique twist, so everything you see is original, new and fresh. At FabParlor, I employ the use of laser cutters and 3D printers. Laser cutters allow the operator to utilize the maximum amount of material per given area, so there is little to no waste created. In addition, I enjoy designing products into their packaging, also reducing waste.  3D printing is an additive technology so ALL material is used in creation. Here, the production process, materials and packaging are all eco-friendly. 

I love working directly with customers to complete their projects, so FabParlor also offers laser cutting services at competitive pricing.